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Singing Lessons

Merrill TannerVoice Teaching Experience

  • Freelance voice instruction
    (past students include; recording artist Connie Kaldor and Bachelor of Music candidates, Citadel and Edmonton Opera performers)
    1984 - present
  • Voice Instructor at the Saskatchewan School of the Performing Arts
    Sept. 1990 – May 1992
  • Voice Instructor, Music Department, Univ. of Alberta
    1988 - 1989

Merrill accepts students of all ages and vocal levels. Please contact Merrill for further information

Singing and Health

Singing is a very healthful activity. Besides engaging the respiratory system and vocal system in physical exercise, which is important to muscle strength maintenance for speech, swallowing, respiration, heart health, blood oxygenation,  singing also engages the mind (language, emotion and music centres)  simultaneously. There are physical measurable benefits to singing as well as the psycho-social benefits of creative expression.


  • boosts the immune system – increases immunoglobin A
  • reduces stress – reduces cortisol
  • releases endorphins
  • tones muscles involved in speech, swallowing and respiration
  • increases blood oxygenation
  • helps posture
  • isa mild aerobic exercise
  • lifts mood

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